Conference Participation Grant for GSAIS Members

Starting Winter 2023/24, GSAIS has established a grant that allows eligible GSAIS members a reimbursement of expenses incurred for actively participating in an academic conference, up to a maximum of 100 CAD.
Applications should be brought to the attention of the GSAIS President and Secretary-Treasurer, no later than two months after the conclusion of the conference, by filling out this online form:
The following regulations have been established to ensure fairness, transparency, and responsible financial management within the GSAIS Conference Participation Grant application process. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.

Coverage of the Grant

The approved grant amount is set at a maximum of 100 CAD.
The GSAIS Conference Participation Grant covers conference fees, travel expenses, and
accommodation. However, it does not extend to cover meals and miscellaneous expenses. Applicants are encouraged to seek additional financial support through other grants, primarily Departmental and SGS grants. It is mandatory for applicants to acknowledge the utilization of other grants for the same conference. While the GSAIS grant is cumulative, the total sum of grants obtained must not exceed the total expenses incurred.

Application Limitations

• Applicants must be members of GSAIS and have attended at least one GSAIS meeting in the last two years.
• Applicants must have presented a paper and/or organized a panel at the conference for which they are requesting the grant.
• Individuals pursuing Ph.D. programs are eligible to apply for the GSAIS conference grant twice throughout their entire academic career; Master’s students are eligible to apply only once.
• Members cannot be granted two GSAIS grants in the same academic year.
• Members must have already applied for the Departmental travel grant and
• The total of expenses incurred for participating in the conference must be greater than the total of grants obtained.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted no later than two months after the conclusion of the conference. Late submissions will not be considered. On principle, no application
respecting all the aforementioned requirements will be rejected.
Prospective applicants are required to initiate the application process by filling out an online form, which will be reviewed by the GSAIS President and Treasurer/Secretary.
Applicants must provide the following information:
• Name, location, and dates of the conference
• Title of the paper presented or panel/activity organized
• Balance of total expenses incurred from attending the conference
• Total sum of other grants obtained (e.g. Departmental and SGS travel grants).
• Proof of participation (e.g. a certificate of attendance)
• Copy of receipts concerning all the expenses incurred.
• Self-certification that the applicant is a GSAIS member, has attended at least one GSAIS meeting in the last two years, and has either never received a GSAIS Conference Participation Grant or has received a GSAIS Conference Participation Grant only once and in a previous academic year.

Disbursement of Funds

Upon approval, the Treasurer/Secretary will facilitate the disbursement of funds to the
applicant within a reasonable timeframe, through e-transfer or cheque.